ZooPal Pen Pal Program

A great gift for a child, classroom, assisted living resident, scout troop, or anyone who'd like to receive mail from an Erie Zoo animal.

2 options: (each include photos of the animal)
Emailed package - $25 OR Mailed package - $35

Both include one letter per month for 5 months starting the month after your purchase. The recipient can just read and enjoy the letters, or they can actively participate by writing letters back to the animals. Animal choices for correspondence include: Rhino, Red Panda, Alligator, Orangutan, Penguin, Meerkat, Siamang Gibbon, Warty Pig, Canadian Lynx, Lion, Kangaroo & Wallaby, Tiger, African Pained Dog, Llama & Alpaca or Otter.

Letters are written from the animal's point of view by a staff member.
You must select "Add to Cart" and not "Buy it Now" 
for the note section to show up!

Please write in the notes section at checkout who you would like the letters to be addressed to. We need the recipient’s name, address (or email address), age, etc.
If you purchase before the 15th of the month, we will begin the letters that same month and if you purchase the 16th or after, we will start the letters the next month unless you indicate otherwise in the notes.